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Unique and special. Two words describing Muslim women in Malaysia. Not only are we allowed to define our identities by our rich cultural traditions and customs, we also get to enjoy religious freedoms and rights as a Muslim and as a citizen in Malaysia.

Malaysian Muslim women today enjoy equal access to education, career choice, and even elected as female cabinet ministers of Malaysia. Talk about empowerment!

It is for these support given in many significant ways that makes the majority Muslim women feels contend, protected and above all favors Islam as their way of life in Malaysia.

In spite of that, certain values not adherent to Islam are slowly creeping in and challenging Malaysia as an exemplary modern & moderate Muslim country. Well, no thanks to feminism & liberalism.

The seemingly popular attention that the feminists & liberals have been gaining is merely due to the mass media coverage and news being blown out of proportion. They however do NOT representing the voice of majority Muslims in Malaysia.

So, can you be a liberal, feminist and a Muslim woman all at the same time?
We say you don’t have to coz Islam already got you covered.

Still unsure?  Worry not coz IMEC 2.0 is coming to the rescue.The experts there will enlighten audiences on how a Muslim woman can fully embrace her unique and special Muslim personality without compromising her Muslim values or give in to social pressure. Through IMEC 2.0, lets discover ways to keep up with today’s modern life without renouncing our Muslim faith.



More informations on our talented speakers will be updated soon!


hotel bangi-putrajaya

This year, IMEC 2.0 will be held at Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya which is fairly 30 minutes drive from KL City Centre and KL International Airport.

Address: Off Persiaran Bandar, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,Selangor, Malaysia


imec 2017 location

For those who will be driving, you can refer to Google Maps or Waze and simply search for: Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya

For those who will be taking public transport,   you can choose to take KTM Commuter and stop at UKM station. Alternatively,  you can take MRT line and stop at Kajang MRT Station. From these stations, a taxi ride will take around 15 minutes to the hotel.


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Registration terms and condition:

  1. Registration will be considered confirm only when payment is made.
  2. As seats are limited, the registration is done through first come first serve basis
  3. Payment must be made before 30th November 2017
  4. Any cancellation of registration done after 30th November 2017, will be non-refundable. However, the cancelling participant can send a replacement to attend on her/his behalf. Please update the IMEC 2017 committee on the replacement.
  5. A full itinerary and joining instruction for IMEC 2017 will be sent only to confirmed participants by 8th December 2017.


  • Book your seat early and get Early Bird rate at RM150 per person before 15 November 2017.
  • Normal fee is RM180 per person.
  • All fees are payable to Kelab Serikandi Iffah

Maybank : 5628 3464 3844

  • Transaction proof must be emailed to or provide as attachment in your online registration form

The conference will start at 8.00 am and end at 5.00 pm. Detailed tentative will be updated soon.

How I can get more information about IMEC 2017 ?

1) Email :
2) Whatsapp / Telegram / SMS / Call : Ms Fakhriyyah +60 193979453
3) Facebook : @IMECmuslimahevent
4)Twitter:  @IMECmuslimah
5)Instagram: @imecmuslimahevent

Hope to see you at IMEC soon!

IMEC 2017