IMEC 2015

IMEC 2015 is truly an event not to be missed by Muslimah who cares for the Ummah!

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IMEC – International Muslimah Empowerment Convention is an inaugural Islamic women’s convention; organized by Wanita ISMA, the Women’s arm of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA). IMEC is envisaged to be an avenue to gather prominent muslim speakers around the globe to address the issues on feminism and liberalism. The objectives of IMEC are as follows:


  1. To give exposure to Muslim women in this region on the issue of feminism which happens globally; from the true Islamic perspective.

  2. To enlighten the audience on Islam’s stance in celebrating womanhood and how Islam protects and honors the role of women according to the true teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

  3. To facilitate the participants on how to encounter the arguments in relation to feminism and liberalism ideology.

  4. As a platform for Wanita ISMA and PEMBINA to collaborate and exchange ideas and knowledge with other Islamic movement organizations which share the same mission in confronting the threat of feminism and liberalism.













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